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Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado

This is the first short story collection I’ve read in a long time so I let myself savor Machado’s vivid debut slowly. These stories in particular illuminated aspects of our world, and the way women are often required to interact with it, for me:


“The Husband Stitch”

“Real Women Have Bodies”

“Eight Bites”

Chemistry by Weike Wang

Chemistry recently won the PEN/Hemingway award and the striking yellow cover caught my eye. It's a coming of age story and the protagonist faces expectations from everyone in her life--her parents, her boyfriend, her teachers, even her best friend.

Wang's writing style is intimate and keeps the reader close to the story while simultaneously immersing the reader in an anxious life that the protagonist herself is pushing away.


The novel  Chemistry  by Weike Wang.

The novel Chemistry by Weike Wang.

There were a few moments in this book that I laughed and more than a few that made me think: about myself and especially about the strength we expect from immigrants and first-generation Americans.


The Perfect Nanny by Leïla Slimani

After Muse & the Marketplace 2018 I had a couple days off and was ready to escape to a different world--the perfect time to read. This book sucked me in and I finished it in less than 24 hours, a feat for a slow reader like myself.

The first three pages are the conclusion of the story, every dies, and then you meet the happy (with the usual amount of annoyed with each other) couple and their children.

A hand holding the book  The Perfect Nanny  open next to a mostly empty cup of coffee.

A hand holding the book The Perfect Nanny open next to a mostly empty cup of coffee.

This is a dark read, but one that reveals painful humanity.